I’m Josh, an experience designer and design researcher at Berkeley with a passion for creating more human-centric experiences that bridge the physical and digital worlds.

Previously at Bungee and XingKeDuo

Dyed Hair

I believe good human-centered design has the power to instill mindfulness and human connection back into our increasingly digitized world and to provide meaningful experiences for people from all backgrounds. Living in a fast-paced culture, people easily forget where empathy for others, the human experience, and present-day living fits back into the picture. Through my work, I continually strive to redefine this mentality and to encourage a more human-centered lifestyle by designing products, experiences, and services to better embody contemporary needs and to innovate on an international scale.

For your reading pleasure, I have selected four pieces of work that each illustrate a different facet about myself: my design process, my research & strategic expertise, my creativity, and my digital aptitude (in progress).